The Morino Foundation for Molecular Science


  Professor Yonezo Morino (1908-1995), an outstanding and influential Japanese molecular scientist, founded the Morino Foundation for Molecular Science (or simply, the Morino Foundation) by endowing it with his personal property in 1985. The scientific accomplishments of Professor Morino have been summarized and celebrated in a special issue of the Journal of Molecular Structure published in 1995, edited by Hirota, Kimura, Kuchitsu, and Tanimoto  (J. Mol. Struct. 352/353, 1 (1995)). The term "Molecular Science" was introduced to Japan by Professor Morino and others in early 1960s; this research focus culminated in establishment of the Institute for Molecular Science in Okazaki, 1975, is a brilliant accomplishment of their endeavor. 

The main purpose of the Morino Foundation is to encourage young scientists of great promise, in the field of the molecular science, by supporting them financially. Upon Prof. Morino’s passing away in 1995, the fund received a rich legacy. Furthermore his wife, Mrs. Yoshi Morino, donated to the Morino Foundation all her inheritance on passing away in 2005.


Presently, the Morino Foundation supports four kinds of activities. The first one is to offer Research Funds to promising young molecular scientists. Each year two or three awardees are selected.


The second activity is the Morino Lecture. The Foundation invites outstanding scientists from abroad to give young Japanese scientists opportunities to learn from and discuss directly with them. The first Morino Lecturer was Prof. John Polanyi in 1986, the year he also won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. Since then, the Foundation invites a few scientists each year as the Morino Lecturers.


The third activity is to support traveling expenses of Japanese molecular scientists in Japan who wish to report their results at the international meetings that are held abroad.


The fourth activity is to support International Conferences organized by molecular scientists in Japan


If you wish to receive support from the Morino Foundation, please contact the chairman for the application procedure.


Toshiaki Munakata

Chair of the steering committee